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January 23, 2008

Get Over Yourself Already

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I keep seeing a type of commercial. I am disturbed by the message that you are totally justified in destroying someone’s property, life, or just fucking with their world in general due to some minor social infraction (or hell, in the case of the lottery commercials even less). It started over the holidays. Two (I think) spots were playing, advertising for the Georgia Lottery’s holiday scratchers (it may be all lotteries but I live in Georgia). Apparently it is a cardinal sin in our society to not get a christmas present for your gardener so they must punish you by destroying your lawn ornaments and whatnot. Then, you have to get a present for your barber or he is completely justified in shaving anything he wants into the back of your head. Now, major brands are getting into the spirit, and you are allowed, neigh, obligated to destroy someone’s clothes at the laundromat if they are rude to you. The cartoon cheetah says “Go for it.”

Am I the only one who notices this trend? At what point did we become a nation of psychopaths who expects immaculate treatment from society or we will destroy them? I remember when I was eleven years old I was at a picnic. Another boy and I were playing with a volleyball and a little girl wanted to play too. We were 11 and she was 5 and we told her to get lost. How horrible of us. Could we have been more polite about it? Of course, but we were 11 and most 11 year olds are little shits. I was no different. So this five year old girl finds a rock and brains me with it. I’ve learned in life that for some reason a rock hurts far worse than anything else. One time I got hit in the arm with a small rock and it hurt for two days but I’ve been hit on my skull with a baseball and it barely lasted an hour. If the little girl’s intent was to reduce me to a crying mess, she succeeded. But her Daddy didn’t think it was that big a deal since I was rude to her sweet baby girl. Hell, the first thing the adults asked, rather than oh shit, who raised such a fucking psycho of a 5 year old, was what did you do to her?

This was 17 years ago. I think the American sense of entitlement has only gotten worse since then. How is it, that the citizens of what is supposedly the “greatest nation ever” have such a victim complex?


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