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February 5, 2008

Blogs about Blogs

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I am very tired of reading blogs that are focused on how to monetize your blog written by people trying to get rich and famous by blogging.  Very, very tired.  I read one that started out with a lot of promise but now he wishes he was John Chow since all he writes about is the food he eats and the stuff he is giving away in a contest that seems largely geared towards making him more money and acquiring more readers.  He had content at one point but now it is all gone.  Kind of like John Chow.  My dear readers this is why I am so awesome.  I make money in real life, I could give two shits about whether or not I make any money with a blog.  Well, gotta go, John Chow just posted about his morning crap.  I wonder what kind of coffee he had today.


February 3, 2008

Angry Rant

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I bought a house in 2004 and I can afford the monthly payments easily.  I have a 30 year fixed at 5.25%.  Where is my fucking hero cookie?  The federal government is tripping over itself to fix the crisis but I was a responsible home buyer and I am going to get fucked over because of it.  On top of that, I have to pay $3/gallon for gas because people won’t stop buying fucking Hummers!  I was again a responsible consumer, bought only as much as I could afford at a low interest rate and I bought a Honda which gets 30 mpg.  Again, where is my fucking hero cookie?  I’m sick of my fucking taxes going towards bailing stupid people out of their dumbass decisions.

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