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March 25, 2008

A Rare Bit of Excitement

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Yesterday I decided to talk a little smack and instead got taken out to the woodshed.  It wasn’t that bad actually, he is a cool guy and he made a good point about how when you make your living as a writer sometimes you have balance the desires of your publisher, your fans, and your desire to evolve as an artist.  Look at J.K. Rowling and ignore the fact that she is now a billionaire and that she only makes enough for a decent living but not enough to retire.  At that point, wouldn’t Harry Potter be more of a straight jacket and less of a winning lottery ticket?  I guess it depends because some writers are very happy to crank out the same thing year after year.  On the other hand, Charlie Stross can’t be pinned down, and he always seems to bring something new to the table.  He has his merchant prince series and his singularity/eschaton series and his whatever strikes me as interesting books and he probably makes a good living but not a “I’m rich  biatch!” living.  I hope the writer we shall not name here(I didn’t want to get caught talking some shit, I certainly don’t want to get caught capitalizing on the notoriety of having gotten caught talking shit so I will not mention his name and hopefully his daily ego surfing will not bring him here) is able to expand his voice while maintaining commercial success.  Thanks to his response, I have decided to risk reading The Sagan Diary and when I finish I will write about it here.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean I have to become a science fiction blog.  I don’t want to be pigeonholed.  And if you are here from yesterday and decided to stick around despite a lack of content, welcome to my humble abode.


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