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March 25, 2008

And so kids, that’s why we’re burning hundred dollar bills to keep warm.

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Back before I was famous (well, technically I am still not famous but who cares) I wrote an Angry Rant about the economy. My lovely wife read it this morning and pointed out that if we don’t bail out the dumb asses who made stupid decisions then the economy would plummet to unfathomable depths and take me with it. I’ll concede the point and further admit that I failed to recognize the decline in the purchasing power of the US dollar as another reason gas is now $3.20/gallon (and around here its actually pretty cheap)(also, would you believe boneless, skinless chicken breasts cost more now than they did a year ago. Come on, chicken is a cheap dinner). I’m still angry and bitter about the entire situation of course. Yes, we need the power of the US government to save us but we need to be saved from the stupidity of the ordinary consumer and the greed of the financial and other industries that got rich creating this crisis. Where is this going? Well, I want to link to a concise explanation of our current housing crisis that I found informative though if you are part of the reason we have a housing crisis (the aforementioned ordinary consumer) I hold your intelligence in such contempt that I believe you probably won’t get it anyway. Here it is, courtesy of the Accordion Guy(he got it from somewhere else but he links to it in the top of his post).


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